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The Beggars only friend, his grief and sorrow had no end. A painful death for him was just around the bend. Contrary to the Public’s opinion, his comfort zone was just being alone with those in deep need. The lost, held captive by the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, their Boss.
He was very comfortable, feeling at home in a chair, surrounded by those who were hated, and the women who took money in order to peddle their wares. He never flashed a smile or a grin, because of the weight of their Sin This caused him much burning within, soon upon the Cross, their Sins he would bare. The evil wore their cloaks of Righteousness, they heaped scorn upon him and his love for the poor, they could not hear the words he had spoken; I am the Way, The Truth, and The Door, to Life forever more.
At Dinner, Mary, a woman of the Streets sat at his feet, her falling down tears of love and joy washed them, her hair dried them, she knew that one day this Rabbi Jew would wear a Crown!
This sacrificial Lamb of God is now Crowned the Lion of Juda, the King of the Universe, spoken of by the *Prophets of old in many a Verse. The man of sorrows is gone forever, having paid the Ransom, his meekness and humility still intact, all the while, and now upon you and me, he does smile.
*Isaiah 53 speaks about a man of sorrows, who is cut off from the land, but his death is for others, and he justifies many. His name is Jesus Christ, the Jewish and Gentile’s Messiah.
Author Ken
March 4, 2018

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Sep 262015

The road.

As I strode that dusty road my eyes sought
a place where my troubles I could unload.
My fears I could not restrain;
but I lost the battle over and over again.

As the sun set, I saw that little Tavern
down the hill close to the old Mill.
It was the place we first met, how did I
get here and how did I forget?

It was by the little well where I thought
you were swell and by the moor;
where my heart was filled with bliss, I could not
love you more.

When I walked in the door the Innkeeper
smiled like he had seen me before,
he said; where is your lady friend?
I could not answer, and then he said;
she was such a great dancer!

My thoughts became a blur, where did she go,
all I know is that she’s gone and nobody has seen her.

How did I get on this winding road,
bearing this heavy loss.

Is that why I sigh and cry, without her
I am totally lost.

What is that strange sound in my ear, it is the
alarm clock, something to fear.
As I turn and look on my side, I see my
pretty Bride.
It is then I realized that it was in the nightmare
where my love was not there.

Sometimes a dream may seem so real,
the things you cherish while awake
they may steal.

I rolled over; put my hand on her shoulder,
kissed her on the ear and said;
I love you and I’m so glad you are here.

There are times we may be afraid to sleep,
fearing those dreams that make you weep!

Author Ken

September 2015

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Jul 112015

I’m a wreck today!

As my feet hit the floor, I pine these doldrums which I try to ignore, it’s not something I haven’t done before.
Who is that knocking on my door, not yet my pet, is my coffee ready, without it I will grouchy and a bore.
As I brink my brew, she talks and talks about all our problems and the things we must do, anxiety is a poison to the soul, it will never make you whole. Of my feelings she doesn’t understand or have a clue.
I think the carbon dioxide is still smothering my brain, I hope my eyes will be open when I board the train, my wishes abound as she clatters the dishes.
I long for the day when will I never have to work again but for now I must go, my boss hates a no show!
Today as I reminisce about those days of toil and bliss, I am grateful for this; that the Lord was with me, in my struggle I was comforted by his Rod and Staff, his correction told me to; Fear not for I am with thee!

Our marriage has it’s foundation on the Rock Jesus and during our 49 years many storms and trials came but our home did not fall as the Lord said. We live in a world of anxiety, men’s hearts failing them seeing the things that are coming upon the world as Jesus prophesied, He today calls out; Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.
Author Ken
July 2015

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Jul 112015

What is a home?

It may not be a house but a place of leisure and pleasure.
There your soul is at ease, maybe even a drink that may please.
It’s so good to be home, your private hiding place where the ghosts of the day have ceased to roam.
So wonderful as you sit in your favorite chair, your entire body settles in it like Jell-O in a mold and
as you relax in your underwear you think; who’s to care, now I am at peace in my soul.
Your special someone may be there, your eyes follow them everywhere, and just their presence in the room prevents any lurking gloom.
Each morning you sigh, how I hate to leave my Castle and say goodbye, many times with a tear in my eye.
It’s sad but true, the wish of the one who is to die; is to go *home, their final place to lie.

*When my Dad was dying he wanted to go home to his Condo and that’s
where he died, at home, at rest.
Author Ken
July 2015

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Jun 302015

The dark of night
The beautiful blue sky goes away until the dawn which makes my soul morn, memories of the day begin to fade with the light.
*I know that the dark of night is the Evil one’s great plight, for then he employs all his captives to do his delight!
They will bite you with their poison for sure, sin’s desires will increase even more, and they may even come to your door.
He does come as an Angel of light for to give you more, his temptations are like a fish led to a lure.
Your heart will break, your joy he will take, you may not even realize that you are a prisoner of the snake; many in Hell with him will bake!
Come to Jesus, who saves your soul, he is the only one who can make you whole, a new creation of you he will make, this he does for the Father’s sake.
When a candle is lit, the darkness does not abide, it flees away looking for somewhere to hide.
So don’t gaze too long at the moon, walk in God’s bright sunshine and sing a new tune, born again am I no more pie in the sky, away to Heaven one day I will fly.
*The Apostle Paul spoke about those who do evil and love the night so their deeds cannot be seen but God sees all, the darkness is like the day to him!
Author Ken
June 2015

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Jun 192015

It’s painful when they are gone, a poem

As I sat in my garage along came our friend Tom walking his two dogs, one on each arm,
the young female with her head held high,
the old female with her head low, age takes its toll as we all know!
Our kids have their wonderful dog Molly and they love her as one of the family by golly.
One day they must go, and then your hearts will sink low. With the Lord nothing is impossible you know.
A dog finds no fault and doesn’t just love you with a grain of salt.
When there is a harsh word or command they cower and understand, it is your love and affection they seek,
which they reward with a lick on the cheek! It is my hope and prayer that when you enter the Kingdom you will find your Fidos there!

When the Lord Jesus returns to begin his 1000 year millennial reign animals will be included, the curse will have been lifted, the animals once again will only eat plants. Then the Lion will lie down with the Lamb in Peace.

This poem is dedicated to all Dog and Pet owners.

Author Ken
June 2015

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Dec 312014

When pain was born!
It was not born in a Manger but in the Garden of Eden it was not a stranger.
The man and the woman you created Lord were at ease, upon their bodies lay no disease! From Satan it did come, from the sin of Adam it had sprung.
Who can blame God for what man had chosen? Adam did not choose the Lord’s perfect life free of sickness and disease and only light pain but swallowed the Devil’s lie, believing that he could be like God and that would be great gain!
Adam made that choice for us, how can we blame God for what we know is true, put to the same test, we would fail too! Jesus came, praise his name, he became you and me with all our sins and faults and nailed them to a tree! Today we are no longer guilty, for our Lord Jesus has set us free!
I wrote this poem because of so many people in pain, I also have gone through years of pain and want to offer some possible solutions that have helped me. I found out that I was deficient in the following; Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, B Vitamins. I have been taken these for a few months and today I can walk without pain, praise God!
If you are suffering with pain I suggest you go to a Doctor and be tested for deficiencies in the Vitamin and Minerals I spoke of. I have read that if your tongue has a white coating, you are deficient in one of what I listed above, I read that most people are Zinc deficient, it is a vital Mineral that supports the Immune System, Magnesium is used in the body for over 200 functions, it also eases muscle pain, Calcium also does that but get a Doctor of
Nutrition to determine what and how much of Vitamins, Minerals or Supplements you personally need to take, too much of a good thing can be bad, the exception to that is that Christians should always ask to be “Filled” with the Holy Spirit all the time and Jesus said that this will be the case for all those who ask the Father for that!
Note: When God created Adam and eve their bodies had all the same pain sensors as we have today, the difference is that they had no life ending diseases or sickness or genetic defects, all of those things came after Adam fell in sin, because of that a curse was pronounced on the earth and it also affected Adam and Eve. You can read in the Book of Genesis that not only were they thrown out of their life of leisure from the Garden of Eden but Adam was told he had to WORK to live and Eve was told that her light pain in childbirth would be GREATLY increased!) Today much of our pain comes through disease, sickness and genetic inheritance (Among what I have named you can include mental or emotional pain which can be worse than physical pain!) which all came through the sin of Adam!
Merry Christmas to all and a Healthy, Prosperous, Pain Free New Year to All!
God bless, Ken
December 2014

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Sep 202014

by KEN

Why is my soul in such distress?
The morning sun is rising; it glistens upon a drop of rain on my window sill,
I hear the birds sweetly singing but my soul is not still.
It is lying in a bath of my tears, they have been endlessly flowing you see,
they express my great sorrow and sadness for the object of my love taken from me.
I don’t know how long this pain will last; it is new to me and like nothing in my past.
Now the night again is coming, darkness has entered my room, once more my soul is stirred and I return to my gloom.
The life that left me was conceived in love, it was so little that I don’t know if it was a he or she but this I do know, it is with thee.
I know that in time from this dark valley my soul shall rise, it will again sing for joy
upon the mountain top under the blue sky.
One day to Heaven I will go and see the Lord and the child I never did know,
my exalted soul with joy will flow.
As the Prophet wrote; surely he bore our sorrows, true but he also bore our sins in order that we not perish but have Eternal Life with Him!
I have dedicated this poem to my son and daughter-in-law who have just gone through this deep valley, we mourn with them as we also were there and have a child in Heaven also.
Author Ken
September 2014
From a draft on my site; gracefaithgift.com
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Sep 072014

Who made you, you?

He made you, he made me for his own delight and in our souls he put his own light.

You made some guy the apple of your eye while your Dad is saying; Come look at the wonder of my Sky.

Don’t you know he is your first love and jealous of you little dove, his Angels have been sent to watch over you from above.

It’s no wonder that you’re fickle heart has taken flight; someone stole it in the night.

He let you wander away but not from his sight, a lost sheep the word does say, wandering far from what’s right.

But his voice calls to you, fret not my pet I am not far and you I will get you yet!

Did you not see the flowers I put around your windows and door, even by the barren shore I have planted more.

And have you heard the new song I had the birds sing for you today, their tune makes you sway, I know you have heard it in your ear my little dear.

I guess by now you know how much I love you, I made you special for my own, I formed you in your mother’s womb and my purpose was you would be mine alone and I would save you from the world’s gloom.

From all Eternity I purposed to have a people for my own, they would be from of all the tribes of the earth, because my Son died for them they will have much worth.

When in your eyes I am all you see, ask and I will give you your heart’s desire for shure, even one to love, knocking at your door.


My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me John 10:27 NASB.

For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10 NASB.

Author Ken

September 2014

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Aug 222014

Have you heard the Living Word?

As had been said; words do have power; your time to come alive may be this very hour!

Awake oh sleeper has your knap been sweet are you still desirous of something to eat?

What can satisfy the hunger of your soul, don’t you realize only Jesus can make you whole?

Do you want to go on blindly seeking   for all the world’s means of making you whole or the Lord’s peace that will comfort your soul?

He came into this dark world to give you light, when you know him his joy will be your delight!

He may speak to you in the morn before you arise, or at noon time in the bright but even at nighttime his Spirit will give you light.

He loves you this I can assure, his mercy and kindness will make you love him more!

Jesus said; “My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives”

The world offers peace through drink, drugs and whatever but these cannot quench the thirsting of the soul that longs for God, only he can do that!

Author Ken

August 2014

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