Sep 262015

The road.

As I strode that dusty road my eyes sought
a place where my troubles I could unload.
My fears I could not restrain;
but I lost the battle over and over again.

As the sun set, I saw that little Tavern
down the hill close to the old Mill.
It was the place we first met, how did I
get here and how did I forget?

It was by the little well where I thought
you were swell and by the moor;
where my heart was filled with bliss, I could not
love you more.

When I walked in the door the Innkeeper
smiled like he had seen me before,
he said; where is your lady friend?
I could not answer, and then he said;
she was such a great dancer!

My thoughts became a blur, where did she go,
all I know is that she’s gone and nobody has seen her.

How did I get on this winding road,
bearing this heavy loss.

Is that why I sigh and cry, without her
I am totally lost.

What is that strange sound in my ear, it is the
alarm clock, something to fear.
As I turn and look on my side, I see my
pretty Bride.
It is then I realized that it was in the nightmare
where my love was not there.

Sometimes a dream may seem so real,
the things you cherish while awake
they may steal.

I rolled over; put my hand on her shoulder,
kissed her on the ear and said;
I love you and I’m so glad you are here.

There are times we may be afraid to sleep,
fearing those dreams that make you weep!

Author Ken

September 2015

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