Jul 112015

I’m a wreck today!

As my feet hit the floor, I pine these doldrums which I try to ignore, it’s not something I haven’t done before.
Who is that knocking on my door, not yet my pet, is my coffee ready, without it I will grouchy and a bore.
As I brink my brew, she talks and talks about all our problems and the things we must do, anxiety is a poison to the soul, it will never make you whole. Of my feelings she doesn’t understand or have a clue.
I think the carbon dioxide is still smothering my brain, I hope my eyes will be open when I board the train, my wishes abound as she clatters the dishes.
I long for the day when will I never have to work again but for now I must go, my boss hates a no show!
Today as I reminisce about those days of toil and bliss, I am grateful for this; that the Lord was with me, in my struggle I was comforted by his Rod and Staff, his correction told me to; Fear not for I am with thee!

Our marriage has it’s foundation on the Rock Jesus and during our 49 years many storms and trials came but our home did not fall as the Lord said. We live in a world of anxiety, men’s hearts failing them seeing the things that are coming upon the world as Jesus prophesied, He today calls out; Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.
Author Ken
July 2015

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