Jun 302015

The dark of night
The beautiful blue sky goes away until the dawn which makes my soul morn, memories of the day begin to fade with the light.
*I know that the dark of night is the Evil one’s great plight, for then he employs all his captives to do his delight!
They will bite you with their poison for sure, sin’s desires will increase even more, and they may even come to your door.
He does come as an Angel of light for to give you more, his temptations are like a fish led to a lure.
Your heart will break, your joy he will take, you may not even realize that you are a prisoner of the snake; many in Hell with him will bake!
Come to Jesus, who saves your soul, he is the only one who can make you whole, a new creation of you he will make, this he does for the Father’s sake.
When a candle is lit, the darkness does not abide, it flees away looking for somewhere to hide.
So don’t gaze too long at the moon, walk in God’s bright sunshine and sing a new tune, born again am I no more pie in the sky, away to Heaven one day I will fly.
*The Apostle Paul spoke about those who do evil and love the night so their deeds cannot be seen but God sees all, the darkness is like the day to him!
Author Ken
June 2015

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