Sep 202014

by KEN

Why is my soul in such distress?
The morning sun is rising; it glistens upon a drop of rain on my window sill,
I hear the birds sweetly singing but my soul is not still.
It is lying in a bath of my tears, they have been endlessly flowing you see,
they express my great sorrow and sadness for the object of my love taken from me.
I don’t know how long this pain will last; it is new to me and like nothing in my past.
Now the night again is coming, darkness has entered my room, once more my soul is stirred and I return to my gloom.
The life that left me was conceived in love, it was so little that I don’t know if it was a he or she but this I do know, it is with thee.
I know that in time from this dark valley my soul shall rise, it will again sing for joy
upon the mountain top under the blue sky.
One day to Heaven I will go and see the Lord and the child I never did know,
my exalted soul with joy will flow.
As the Prophet wrote; surely he bore our sorrows, true but he also bore our sins in order that we not perish but have Eternal Life with Him!
I have dedicated this poem to my son and daughter-in-law who have just gone through this deep valley, we mourn with them as we also were there and have a child in Heaven also.
Author Ken
September 2014
From a draft on my site;
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