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The Beggars only friend, his grief and sorrow had no end. A painful death for him was just around the bend. Contrary to the Public’s opinion, his comfort zone was just being alone with those in deep need. The lost, held captive by the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, their Boss.
He was very comfortable, feeling at home in a chair, surrounded by those who were hated, and the women who took money in order to peddle their wares. He never flashed a smile or a grin, because of the weight of their Sin This caused him much burning within, soon upon the Cross, their Sins he would bare. The evil wore their cloaks of Righteousness, they heaped scorn upon him and his love for the poor, they could not hear the words he had spoken; I am the Way, The Truth, and The Door, to Life forever more.
At Dinner, Mary, a woman of the Streets sat at his feet, her falling down tears of love and joy washed them, her hair dried them, she knew that one day this Rabbi Jew would wear a Crown!
This sacrificial Lamb of God is now Crowned the Lion of Juda, the King of the Universe, spoken of by the *Prophets of old in many a Verse. The man of sorrows is gone forever, having paid the Ransom, his meekness and humility still intact, all the while, and now upon you and me, he does smile.
*Isaiah 53 speaks about a man of sorrows, who is cut off from the land, but his death is for others, and he justifies many. His name is Jesus Christ, the Jewish and Gentile’s Messiah.
Author Ken
March 4, 2018

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