Aug 222014

Have you heard the Living Word?

As had been said; words do have power; your time to come alive may be this very hour!

Awake oh sleeper has your knap been sweet are you still desirous of something to eat?

What can satisfy the hunger of your soul, don’t you realize only Jesus can make you whole?

Do you want to go on blindly seeking   for all the world’s means of making you whole or the Lord’s peace that will comfort your soul?

He came into this dark world to give you light, when you know him his joy will be your delight!

He may speak to you in the morn before you arise, or at noon time in the bright but even at nighttime his Spirit will give you light.

He loves you this I can assure, his mercy and kindness will make you love him more!

Jesus said; “My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives”

The world offers peace through drink, drugs and whatever but these cannot quench the thirsting of the soul that longs for God, only he can do that!

Author Ken

August 2014

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