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When pain was born!
It was not born in a Manger but in the Garden of Eden it was not a stranger.
The man and the woman you created Lord were at ease, upon their bodies lay no disease! From Satan it did come, from the sin of Adam it had sprung.
Who can blame God for what man had chosen? Adam did not choose the Lord’s perfect life free of sickness and disease and only light pain but swallowed the Devil’s lie, believing that he could be like God and that would be great gain!
Adam made that choice for us, how can we blame God for what we know is true, put to the same test, we would fail too! Jesus came, praise his name, he became you and me with all our sins and faults and nailed them to a tree! Today we are no longer guilty, for our Lord Jesus has set us free!
I wrote this poem because of so many people in pain, I also have gone through years of pain and want to offer some possible solutions that have helped me. I found out that I was deficient in the following; Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, B Vitamins. I have been taken these for a few months and today I can walk without pain, praise God!
If you are suffering with pain I suggest you go to a Doctor and be tested for deficiencies in the Vitamin and Minerals I spoke of. I have read that if your tongue has a white coating, you are deficient in one of what I listed above, I read that most people are Zinc deficient, it is a vital Mineral that supports the Immune System, Magnesium is used in the body for over 200 functions, it also eases muscle pain, Calcium also does that but get a Doctor of
Nutrition to determine what and how much of Vitamins, Minerals or Supplements you personally need to take, too much of a good thing can be bad, the exception to that is that Christians should always ask to be “Filled” with the Holy Spirit all the time and Jesus said that this will be the case for all those who ask the Father for that!
Note: When God created Adam and eve their bodies had all the same pain sensors as we have today, the difference is that they had no life ending diseases or sickness or genetic defects, all of those things came after Adam fell in sin, because of that a curse was pronounced on the earth and it also affected Adam and Eve. You can read in the Book of Genesis that not only were they thrown out of their life of leisure from the Garden of Eden but Adam was told he had to WORK to live and Eve was told that her light pain in childbirth would be GREATLY increased!) Today much of our pain comes through disease, sickness and genetic inheritance (Among what I have named you can include mental or emotional pain which can be worse than physical pain!) which all came through the sin of Adam!
Merry Christmas to all and a Healthy, Prosperous, Pain Free New Year to All!
God bless, Ken
December 2014

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