Jun 192015

It’s painful when they are gone, a poem

As I sat in my garage along came our friend Tom walking his two dogs, one on each arm,
the young female with her head held high,
the old female with her head low, age takes its toll as we all know!
Our kids have their wonderful dog Molly and they love her as one of the family by golly.
One day they must go, and then your hearts will sink low. With the Lord nothing is impossible you know.
A dog finds no fault and doesn’t just love you with a grain of salt.
When there is a harsh word or command they cower and understand, it is your love and affection they seek,
which they reward with a lick on the cheek! It is my hope and prayer that when you enter the Kingdom you will find your Fidos there!

When the Lord Jesus returns to begin his 1000 year millennial reign animals will be included, the curse will have been lifted, the animals once again will only eat plants. Then the Lion will lie down with the Lamb in Peace.

This poem is dedicated to all Dog and Pet owners.

Author Ken
June 2015

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