Need Prayer?


Do you need Prayer?


If you need prayer, please post a comment below and we will add you to our Prayer list. If you don’t need prayer, would  you consider praying to the Lord Jesus for those on the list below?


Prayer list:

  •  Please pray for Michael, he needs a good job and to be filled with the Holy Spirit to know God’s will for his life.
  • Please pray for Brian’s special requests and for his healing in his body.
  • Please pray for Pastor David and his family.
  • Please pray for brother Milt that the Lord will guide him and give him the desires of his heart!
  • Please pray for our long time friend Gina and her family, she needs healing, may the Lord grant her His peace.
  • Please pray for Steve and Cindy, Steve needs special healing for back and leg pain.
  • Please pray for Nancy who needs healing from severe depression and needs a positive result for the help she has applied for.
  • Please pray for our friends Dori and Harry for spiritual and physical healing.
  • Please pray for Ray, Amelia and the family, God has done great things for them, pray that he will do even greater works in their lives.
  • Please pray for Russ, he has many health problems, agree with me in prayer that he and his wife will be touched and healed by our Lord Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever! He is still healing today through his people who have the Gifts of the Spirit!
  • Please pray for our beloved son Scott and his wife that the Lord will lighten his work burden and heal his wife, his great faith has been an inspiration to me over the years and helped me to have the Ministry I have today!
  • Pray also for Suzie who is a sister in the Lord I met on a flight last night, pray that the Lord will fill her with his Spirit and use her in a great way to bless others as she had blessed me. Much Love to you Suzie, Ken
  • Please pray for our Aunt Adeline, Uncle Emil, Uncle Sal and cousin Phillip for the Lord’s touch, healing of their spirit, mine and body according to the Will of God, in Jesus name.
  • Please pray for our good friends Tom and Pilar, Tom need a special healing of his body, they both need the Lord’s comfort through his Holy Spirit.
  • Please pray for our friend Ginny, her husband Gene and her daughter-in-law Laura, they all need the Lord’s healing touch!

Please pray for Juli that her Business prospers even as her Soul prospers in growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  6 Responses to “Need Prayer?”

  1. I suffer from severe depression I am trying to get disability and I was denied 4 times and I am working on my fifth appeal

    • Dear Nancy, I have just prayed for you. Have you also asked the Lord Jesus for help? As Christians we are told in God’s word to “Cast ALL our cares upon him for he cares for You”
      I am well aware of the condition of deep depression, it is worse than physical pain to some.
      Have you contacted an attorney, I believe they would represent you and will get their fee paid with a favorable judgment by the Court.


  2. i was blessed today by the Lord from a person who can now no longer be in pain, and i pray that the pain will go away. it is in the back area, and i believe he can now relax. believe with me for this healing to overcome any other pain. amen

  3. Please pray for Minister Ramon who has a heart problem, he is the Shepard of a Pentecostal Church in Southwest Florida.

  4. Hi all, been offline as the owner an site Minister, will be having special live interaction with people of the world, I will be asking people about their experiences with God, along with sharing some of my own.
    My heart’s desire is to be of help to all those suffering because of this dreaded Virus Plauge.

    Blessings, Ken

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