Nov 262011

I don’t believe in women preaching or teaching the Word of God as the Apostle Paul explained why in 1 Timothy 2:12.  I know it’s not popular in the Modern Church, but its God’s Word, not mine. I do however believe Christian women have the Gifts of the Spirit (other than preaching or teaching) and where a man is unavailable, the Lord can use a woman  if it is His will. I would like to expand on this: In the Fall of Adam and Eve it was truly “Paradise Lost” and God cursed the Earth. The punishment for Adam and Eve and their descendants was,  for Eve, increased pain in childbirth and her husband would have dominion over her. For Adam, work and sweat with the Earth fighting him with the rocks and thorns.(Genesis 3: 16-19) Many Churches “Sugar Coat” God’s Word, not wanting to offend anyone. The only way for God’s Word to be obeyed is to first be a believer and be “Spirit Filled”. Only the woman totally surrendered to the Lord Jesus can respect and honor her believing husband as she would the Lord Himself. The same for the husband, he is to love his Wife as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it. In a Christian marriage the Husband is a “type”of Christ; the woman the Church. Both to be a Light to the world in their marriage (made in Heaven, built upon the Rock– Jesus). In the Spirit realm (Of Salvation) there is neither male nor female as we are all one in Jesus! When we reign (for a Thousand Years) with Him, the curse on the Earth will be lifted and paradise restored. Man and Woman will once again be equals as God created them in the beginning. The Lamb will lie down with the Lion.

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