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What was the Death that Adam, Eve, and All Mankind Experienced in the Fall?

Have you ever wondered what was the death penalty God pronounced upon our ancestors and all mankind? They did not drop to the ground dead after they sinned but there was a “Death” in their spirits. Being separated from God for all Eternity is called: “The Second Death” (Rev. 2: 11). The death that took place in the Garden of Eden was a “spiritual” death. The human spirit is called; “The Candle Of The Lord” (Proverbs 20:27). It is the only place where true worship and fellowship takes place with God. Jesus said: “Those who would worship God must worship Him IN spirit and Truth” (John 4: 24).


The Word of God tells us that outside of Faith in Jesus Christ we are dead men walking in living bodies. Dead spirits, but are those spirit’s really dead as we know death? The answer is no because when the spirit leaves, the body has died*. The sinner apart from Christ is spiritually dead to the things of God, they have lost the communication with the Fall. They cannot hear, but I have Good News for you! How did Lazarus hear the Lord’s call to come forth while he was dead? How can dead men hear? It is the Lord who gives ears to hear, eyes to see. Jesus brought back the spirit of Lazarus. He heard the Lord’s voice and he came forth in a living body and soul by the power of God alone, Jesus, the Resurrection and The Life! Born once, die twice! Born twice, die once! Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born
again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”(John 3:3 NASB) “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28 NASB)

Call upon Jesus, He is the only one who can save you, if you hear His voice, it will be in your spirit, don’t harden your heart. Repent of your sins and He will forgive you and give you a New Spirit which is alive to God. You will be a New Creation in Him. You will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit and be joined to “The New Man” who is the Lord Jesus Himself. The Second Adam who could not fail, praise Him!

* For the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also the faith apart from the works is dead (James 2:26).



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