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The Healing of a Blind Man at Bethsaida

Mark 8: 22-26 (NIV)

What do you see when you read these verses about Jesus giving this blind man his sight? Why would the
Lord have to pray twice for this man? You must be seeking the deeper things of God through the Holy Spirit, our true teacher, to understand. After Jesus prayed the first time and asked the man, “Do you see anything?” The man said he saw men, like trees, walking about. Jesus prayed the second time and the man saw clearly. This is the only case in the word where Jesus prayed twice for a person — this is truly a teachable moment!

When the Lord saves us we receive our sight (spiritual). The Word says, “unless one is born again, he
cannot see the Kingdom of God” (John 3: 3 – NAS). As baby believers we must grow with the “Milk” of the Word in order to become mature Christians led by the Holy Spirit. In our walk with the Lord there may be times when He has to clear our Spiritual vision in regards to His will as He did with the second prayer for the blind man. I believe after the Lord’s first prayer and the man’s response of seeing men walking as trees. He only saw them as objects, not as living people who need God and help. The second prayer opened his eyes to see God’s Will, to be your Brother’s Keeper through Christ, leading them to the Light.

I would like you to consider, that Jesus used “Spittle” which is a form of water in giving sight to a blind man. In John 9:5-7 He spat on the ground; made clay of the spittle and applied the clay to the man’s eyes. Jesus the Word Of God, the Creator of everything created new eyes using water and the “Dust” that we and all living things, were created from.

I have a personal testimony in regards to eyes and seeing clearly. I had worn eye glasses since I was 12 years old. About five years ago I had surgery for cataracts in both eyes and special lenses were inserted into my eyes giving me 20/20 vision. As a born again Christian I experienced growth through many trials by which I became the obedient, spiritual  man in my old age. One day while in prayer and meditating on the Lord, he revealed how He gave back my physical vision I had lost and now has also given me Spiritual vision. This prompted me to write about Jesus praying twice for the blind man. The surgery for my eyes and the clear vision I received was a picture/type of the Lord’s first and second prayers for the blind man. “His eye is on the Sparrow” (Matthew 10:29) and I know He watches me.


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