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Be Angry but Sin Not!

We overcome by the Blood of The Lamb and our Testimony (Rev.12:11). The Lord tells us to be Angry but sin not (Ephesians 4: 26 NASB). Our anger does not fulfill the Righteousness of God (James 1:20). There is a “Righteous” anger controlled by the Holy Spirit. Human anger can spin out of control, actions with words we will always regret. Jesus did get angry, His was righteous anger.

One night, many years ago, my wife and I were going to bed when the phone rang. She answered, quickly gave me the phone. The person on the other end said something vulgar to her. I was not in the best mood.  I had to get up at 4:30 AM to go to work the next day, so my anger was high. I was ready to yell at this person, but when I took the phone, instead of yelling in a rage (the Love of God constrains us), I said to this guy, “Without the Lord,  you are going straight to Hell”. To my complete surprise he asked, “Why is that?”. My anger was gone as I realized the Lord had sent this man.

As the Word says, “be prepared to answer anyone who asks about the Hope that is within you”. I told him all about Jesus, how He came to save sinners and how He saved me. He listened quietly,  then asked if he could call back tomorrow. He wanted me to share the Gospel with his girlfriend and I agreed. Lil and I were in awe, knowing  it was the leading of the Holy Spirit.  He took away my anger and put His Words in my mouth. I believe this man and his girlfriend were saved through the hearing of the Word! They asked about a Church, I told him to ask the Lord to lead them to a  Bible believing Church.

I marvel at the Power of God through the Holy Spirit. Did you  ever try to convince someone in regards to Politics or Religion? It usually ends in an argument that separates friends, which is Satan’s work. When the Holy Spirit does his Work in the human heart, barriers come down, a brokenness comes.  Jesus said, “whoever falls on this Rock (Jesus Himself) will be broken. The person becomes as a little child, the Holy Spirit grants them Godly Repentance which leads to salvation, through the Gift of Faith. The man who called became a child of the King, the Word (Jesus) became Flesh in his heart. Out of my anger and his evil the Lord brought good and Glory to His Name. God works in all things in the believer’s life for good.

The Lord always defeats Satan. Satan comes at us like a “Roaring Lion”, but the Lord Jesus came to destroy his works. My Testimony  is only one example of God bringing good out of evil. I love Samson’s riddle. It reveals how God turns Satan’s evil into good in the believer’s life. Out of the Eater, the roaring Lion, came something to eat (Spiritual Food), out of the strong (Bitterness of Satan’s work), came something sweet! (Judges 14: 14)


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