Jul 282012

We have a new grandson, a poem.

A new grandson have we, his name is Grayson,

as handsome as can be.

He is very fair, like Job’s daughters, you could describe his hair.

We will always remember that special day in November, in our hearts,

it was like a burning ember.

Much danger he did face on that morn, his little heart

strained to beat while he was being born.

But from my spirit a prayer was sent to our Father above,

“Fear not” He said, you are both in my love.

I, his Grandpa dedicated him to the Lord, in that prayer I know

God and I were in one accord.

A prophesy I did speak for this boy, he would be great and bring

his parents much joy!

This little two year old IS great, and he eats everything on his plate!

His Doctor was beside himself amused, this little boy

had him totally confused.

Who is this little tyke, who could shake them despite their might?

The best is yet to come for their blessed little son.

In his growing years, of Jesus he will speak, a man of love who turns the other cheek.

Anyone who comes against him to blame, will be turned away

and put to shame.

He will love his parents and the Lord. They will all be in one accord.

He has been chosen by the Lord.

Who is this little boy we love? We have no doubt that he was sent from God above.


Author Ken

March 2012

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