Jul 282012

Resurrection morning, a poem


The beautiful morn has come, the rising of God’s Holy one.

A woman was the first to meet the risen one, forgiven much,

she dearly loved the Son.

Death could not hold Him, neither could the tomb, He is the

Anointed one, conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb.

The darkness has gone away; God’s true light is here to stay.

Angels sing for joy in heaven above, Souls have been set free.

Jesus who conquered death through the God of love, for you and me.

When the evening did come, behind closed doors His Disciples

did cower, not knowing He would appear that very hour.

His hands and his side he did show, they rejoiced, for it was really

Jesus, now they did know.

Peace be with you to them he did say, I now send you on your way.

Preach my word that Souls may be loosed from sin and shame, Satan’s

prisoners freed by believing in my Name.

I go to my Father above; it was He who sent me, for God is love.

Fear not, I am with you always, even to the end,

always call upon me, for I am your faithful friend.


What a friend we have in Jesus, he cares for us. How wonderful this

day we celebrate is! He arose, our mighty God. May His light

Shine in your hearts this day, may the King of Glory come your way.

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