Apr 162020

               Damm the Pandemic!

If I may ask; what dreaded Virus can take overcome our God given human spirit? He who has ears, let them hear this; how many of the world’s elders remember the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941? I was only four years old, so many books, and movies have it’s story to be told.

In the Pacific the Japanese devoured the Islands like bowls of rice, their Emperor thought it was nice. The whole world did quake as it’s freedom was at stake. The United States had been at rest after World War 1, it’s people content with a self-imposed isolation, they had sent many volunteers affectionately called “The Doughboys”. In the States they were the young rowdy guys, some skirt chasers, bar flies, others were like plain apple pie, and shy. Their British cousins embraced them, looking for the might of America to ease their plight.

The War was won, but at great cost, many brave Doughboys were lost, the Citizens rose up great Parades with many banners and chants voicing women’s Rights, the Giant now went to sleep, to it’s inhabitants, a promise it would keep.

Alas another monster had been hatched by Satan, hanging wallpaper became boring to Adolf, he had enough, in a number of years, he became the Furher, by his side was the fat Hermann Goring.

Under his Majesty’s Service, Winston Churchill, a retired Army Officer became Prime Minister, Whinny had no doubt that only America’s manufacturing power could stop the Germans and the combining of both countries Air forces would defeat their invincible Military might.

Now you can see the power of the human spirit, led by the one who takes up the righteous sword against the one yielding the evil un-righteous sword, Satan, and his lying hoards!

It’s time to pray, and have the whole world pull together to defeat this curse, let’s go to work where possible, if ill, stay home, keep those safe areas safe, other isolated so no lifes’ will be at stake!

We are in danger of a worldwide Depression, America is a powerhouse, it’s time to re-awaken our sleeping Giant, who after conquering Japan, turned it into a Industrial power, a joyful Trading Partner, lets help all the people of the world the same way, again to be a happy family, with the children filled with much glee!

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