Apr 122020

Greeting all, my name is Ken, I’m an Independent Minister, I have just re-activated my web site gracefaithgift.com I had some technical issues that my gifted Son was able to repair, at this writing my Site’s email has not been restored. Jesus Christ died a horrible death on the cross, an innocent man, but not just an ordinary man, but the Son of God. The fall of Adam, and Eve brought not just a psychical death upon the whole human race (As they were the representatives of every human born, as they all would have made the same wrong choice of believing Satan’s lie) the spiritual death also was transferred to every human born. God in his great love of his magnificent Creation, which included his crowning Creation, Men, and Women taken from Adam’s body, which would bond them together, our first ancestors, instituted his unspeakable Plan of Salvation, HE WOULD DIE IN OUR PLACE! God is a Spiritual being, manifested as Father Son, and Holy Spirit. He gave us the Holy Bible to reveal all truth from Genesis to the Book of the Revealation. God sent his Son to die in our place, the just for the unjust, as said in the Book of Romans, while we were his enemies, he died for us! Born of a Virgin, and named Jesus, he lived a sinless life, a man of sorrows as revealed in the Old Testament’s Prophet’s writing of Isaiah 53 On a Sunday about two thousand years ago, he was resurrected according to his Father’s Will, and performed by the Power of the Holy Spirit. God’s Gospel is the Good News, it is that Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Jesus is the Word, written ,and God himself. Read the Book of John in the New Testament, if you then believe that Jesus died for you personally, you are saved with eternal, never ending life. Good to be back, will have some good things for the my site up ahead. In Christ, love and blessings to all, Ken

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