Apr 282020

             Who’s Guilty?

Question: Who made the Universe? Who made the Atom, the same one who made the other Adam, and Eve, that sly couple who had something up their sleeve!

It was Jesus Christ, he created all, cursed all, died for all. Because man gave up his Rule over the earth to Satan, God unleased the consequences upon every living creature, from the unseen ameba, to all mankind. The feared Viruses that the masses can never bind, these baffle the Scientists as they are not living as cells, but seem to be able to avoid destruction by mutating, and producing spikes to penetrate living cells as hosts for them to reproduce, after their kind.

This is God’s doing, for his secret way of destroying his enemies, or to bring repentance, and deliverance in order to reveal, not only his wrath, but his kindness to a fallen world.

How many people die when a relief Bill is stalled, so some fat can be added to the venue? Politics can cost a heavy price, getting re-elected is always nice, do not think kissing babies will fly, who cares they may think, I will always have my pie in the sky!

I’m sad, sometimes mad, such evil everywhere, especially with the lying media, with straight stern looking faces say things that I know are absolutely false, distorted, or taken out of context, in order to continue their early morning faxed narrative for each day, the Politician’s love the arrangement, by the way.

Ken April 28, 2020

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