Aug 142014

A poem for those hurting and sad

She loved her life in this world as many do, soon to find out how few really love you!

The evil pleasures of sin are only for a while; painful can be the birth of an unexpected child.

God does allow his loved ones to suffer the results of sin for a reason, but joy comes in the newness of life in due season.

Out of her pain and anguish comes the soothing balm from God and all her sufferings it will extinguish.

Then she will call upon me says the Lord and she will never again ask amiss.

Her walk with her King will be sweet much love and spiritual food to eat.

Good things will he give to her his Bride, in his arms she will always abide, always wanting him by her side.

*Then will her song be sweet and her poems for her Lord hard to beat.

Those will say who live on her street, who is this shining star we want to meet.

And when she speaks to them she will give them spiritual food to eat!

She will be God’s light from above; her face will shine with his love, with the Angels smiling from above.

*There are so many souls who have been wounded by their circumstances or poor choices in life, so many make decisions never knowing if they are right. I believe that only the Lord Jesus will direct a person to make the right decision because he cannot make a mistake! He calls out even today; “Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest!” Many have holes in their hearts that only God’s love can fill!

Author Ken

August 11, 2014

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