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My brother’s wife, a poem

Her name is Arleen, to my brother Bob she was his Queen.

Many of the things she did went unseen, she was always quiet and never mean.

When keeping the house with all its bills and costs she was very keen.

They always had help from above; their Lord Jesus kept them with his love.

One sad day Bob did depart, he left carrying his great love for Arleen and the boys in his heart.

From this world of woe our beloved Robert did go, he is not gone as some would say, he is in Heaven with Jesus to stay.

His beloved wife and sons will always remember that day.

Many remember the good works he did walking with Jesus, along with me, his brother, by the way.

We miss him very much and life moves on but the same light shines in his family,

proof to the world of the Master’s touch!

Author Ken

August 2014

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