Nov 202011


How many of  you have heard of “Sacred Cows”? In the Hindu Religion the Cows are Sacred. Even though people may be starving; the killing of those Cows is  forbidden!   Before thinking how strange that is, let me share some sacred Cows in our modern society. Some people are  quick to blame God for bad things (they call “An Act Of God”, an accident or lightning strikes).  When they receive a bunch of money it is due to luck or the “Thank Goodness” god (?).  There is much wickedness in the world today yet many believe  that God Loves everybody, it is a Sacred Cow belief held by many. God hates the wicked, He is angry with them all the time, the ones in Hell are not the objects of His Love. (Psalm 11: 5)

The problem is that the Word of God is not honored. If God Loves all, how can anyone be separated from His Love and go to Hell? ( Romans 8: 35-39 ) Those verses are for true believers, God Loves them and  they cannot be separated from Him.  He who has the Son, has Eternal Life. He who does not have the Son, does not have Life but the Wrath of God abides upon him! God does not Love everybody, we receive His Love by believing in Jesus through Faith. The Lord chose the “Foolishness” of the preaching of the Word, the Good News of our salvation to save us. It is foolishness to the World, but to us who are being Saved, it is the Wisdom and Power of God!


November 2011

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