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The Little Ones Who Knew No Sin

We read in God’s Word that faith and salvation comes by hearing. This is true; but what about the millions of babies who have died through various circumstances? Do babies who die go to heaven? What does God’s Word say about this?

When Moses led the Israelites in the Desert, it was the “Little Ones” who God allowed into the Holy Land. (Numbers 14:31) It is my belief that all “Babies” who die go to Heaven. I believe there is an age of accountability; or coming of age as in the Jewish belief.

David’s child by Bathsheba was stricken by God and died as a punishment for David’s grievous sins against the Lord. David was so distraught when the child was dying he would not eat or take a bath. His servants were worried about him to a point that they were afraid to tell him the child had died. When David saw them acting strange he asked them outright: “Is the child dead?”. When they said yes; David immediately went back to his normal living. The servants being perplexed by his actions asked the King; why did you grieve so deeply when the child was dying and now act like nothing happened (paraphrased)?  David answered; “I can’t bring him back, but I will go to him”. David’s Son went to Heaven; David one day will see him again!

We have experienced pain like David had; for God’s own reasons, the Lord took our little boy from the womb. My wife and I experienced a suffering and pain in our Souls that we never knew before. That experience brought us closer together and our daughter was conceived one month later to bring back our joy.

Our hearts go out to all those who have had a loss of a child. We pray that they will find comfort in these writings which proclaim the love and kindness of the Lord — The Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ!

I have written a Poem dedicated to our little boy in Heaven.

To Todd: The Son We Never Knew

It is well with my Soul today.

Not so with that night; now so far away.

Our little boy conceived in Love.

Now with our Heavenly Father above.

I cried out to Him; Lord, you promised, you gave us your Word.

I felt His touch and I knew that He heard.

The Peace that Passes all understanding I did have.

The Balm Of Gilead; my healing Salve.

One day to Heaven we shall go.

Wearing the garments of Salvation; white as snow.

Author Ken

December 2011


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