Nov 042011


Prone to wander;  prone to go, far from my Lord, reaping what I sow, but ah the wondrous Sheppard, my Faithful Friend.

His Rod and Staff remind me; of his care and Love, of no end.

The still waters; green pastures, my Soul at rest, knowing;  that through many trials I have come, not failing the test.

He has called me before my birth; Redeemed me at the Cross, that day on the Earth.

Now I sing a New Song;  a sinner saved by grace.

When He returns;  I will see Him Face to Face!


I always loved that hymn sung by Burl Eves:

O victory in Jesus,
My Savior, forever.
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming blood;
He loved me ere I knew Him
And all my love is to Him,
He plunged me to victory,
Beneath the cleansing flood.

Author Ken

November 2011


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