Dec 102011

Jesus The Man of Sorrows

A man of sorrows was he, much grief he bore, we all can see.

How was I to know? His destiny was to  hang naked on the tree.

It was through his word that I did see, he gave all he had for me.

The shame he did despise. The wicked did not put him there, with their lies.

The Father’s will he did do. His enemies he died for, me and you.

His groans and sighs were heard, from the God man, the living word.

Darkness covered the earth that day. The King of Glory had gone away.

For the joy set before him, the salvation of the lost, he set his face as flint, not caring of the cost.

He told those he loved, back to the Father he would go, in Heaven above.

With the morning sky, the empty tomb, there the grave clothes lie.

In Eve did the deception of Satan first grow, how wonderful it was, to a woman the risen Lord did show.

What a wonderful God we serve, he reveals himself through his word.

He will come again as the Lion of Judah, to Israel from where he did depart.

The Faithful and Amen, back to his chosen people, who broke his heart.

Jesus, Word of the Father, salvation to impart.

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December 2011

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