Dec 102011

Our Gift From God, a Poem

This Poem is dedicated to our Son. When it seemed impossible for us to have our first child, my Wife
wept.  Then we prayed to the Lord for help. The Lord heard and the next month our boy was on the way. We dedicated him to Jesus. This poem is what we saw the Lord do for our first Son. ( 1 Samuel 1: 27 ) I asked the Lord to give me this boy and he has granted my request. This was our special scripture for his dedication at the Church.

Your words as a boy surprised us so, the Lord was with you, this we did know.

Your faith was a light, not by power or might.

At eight years old, you were very bold, what amazed us was the things you told.

The things of God’s Spirit you did know and in His grace you did grow.

The Lord blessed you with the love of your life, He gave to you, your Wife.

She is quiet and meek, not too shy, still waters run deep.

They think as one, loving you Father for sending your Son.

Deep trials they do bare, the pain, they do share, knowing they are in your care.

Author Ken

December 9, 2011

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