Mar 162013

I love the little things you do for me Lord!

Who wouldn’t love a special gift from you Lord, a new car, boat or house,

things that most people cannot afford!

I can’t say that those things I would push away but I love what you do for me day by day.

My short term memory loss can be a pain but I ask you Lord to show me where the thing I lost is lain you always reveal it to me, over and over again.

When struggling with repairs around the house, a problem will arise with one and I don’t know what to do, a thought pops into my mind and the job gets done, all my praise goes to you.

I have seen your mighty hand move in my life, especially when I faced great strife.

I never doubt that you are always near; my prayers are always in your ear,

what man can do to me I do not fear.

I guess miracles from you would be most believers’ choice, I agree but each day I just love hearing your still small voice.

I hear it in my mind, it comes as a thought but its not from me, it is spiritual like the things only the blind can see.

He reveals to me deep things I did not know, my feet are directed to the path I must go.

*Led by his Holy Spirit I live each day, no longer in darkness, loving Jesus

who saved me, for he is the way!

*The Holy Spirit is called the “Comforter” by Jesus; he is a perfect guide and teacher. He also is the giver of Spiritual Gifts for the edification of the Church. God cares for every believer, some may think I don’t want to bother him about something lost. I know that there are times that I reluctantly ask him after much frustration and then I find what I was looking for. When I pray about it, he never fails!

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1-Peter 5:7 NLT.

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March 2013

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