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Has the word of God become flesh in your heart?

What is the word of God, is it just like other words written in books,

does your Bible sit on a shelf idle while other books get your looks?

*Fortune tellers may predict things that may come your way but only God’s Prophets were 100 percent right in what they did say!

Have you read in the Bible that God the Son is the Father’s word and that through Jesus the Good News is heard?

Do you know that in the Bible there are two ways the Lord’s word is heard?

The first is by the “Letter” of the word which is true, it is given for all people to read, me and you.

The second is the “Spirit” of the word which the human carnal mind cannot receive; they are those without the Holy Spirit, the ones Satan did deceive.

The deep things of the word are always hidden from the Tares but given to the wheat; the obedient believer will have Heavenly food to eat.

What did Jesus mean when he said that he is the bread from above?

He is the Spiritual food given to you through God’s love.

When a person believes that Jesus died for their sins, the Holy Spirit in them is that new life that begins.

The living word becomes flesh in your heart through Jesus, because through God’s grace, the truth you heard.

Be careful of those “Letter” of the word men as they do twist scripture, now and then.

As written, the Letter kills and can cause strife but the **Holy Spirit brings truth and light.

We need the Holy Spirit day by day, we as sheep can be led astray.

Wolves do sneak in among the flock, they may appear as an “Angel of Light”, a Pastor or Teacher in whom we did delight, when exposed, they leave many in shock!

Those are the ones, who speak many a great swelling word, lording it over the sheep as the bull does lord over the herd.

*When Jesus died on the cross over 300 Old Testament Prophesies were fulfilled!

In the Bible the test of a true Prophet from God was that 100 percent of their prophesies had to come true, false Prophets were put to death!

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that troubled him, his magicians and soothsayers were called to interpret his dream.

They were terrified because the King, being wise, asked them to first tell him of what he had dreamed. They said again, “Please, Your Majesty. Tell us the dream, and we will tell you what it means.” Daniel 2:7 NLT. The truth is they had no clue and were facing a death sentence. Daniel saved their hides, he not only told the King of what he had dreamt but gave the perfect interpretation of the dream. He has made you the ruler over all the inhabited world and has put even the wild animals and birds under your control. You are the head of gold. Daniel 2:38 NLT. Thus David prevented the false Prophets from being put to death especially his friends.

**Our true teacher is the Holy Spirit, he does not teach as the world teaches, that is through education and indoctrination, He teaches by enlightenment and revelation. He takes the Letter of the word and reveals the deeper truths that are found in them. These are the deep things of God.

Paul the Apostle made a clear statement about where he received Spiritual Truths;   when we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths. 1-Corinthians 2:13 NLT.

Those without Christ have no power to understand the things of God, they do not have the Holy Spirit who is the key to understanding Spiritual things from him.

This is so because the corrupt nature has a hostile attitude toward God. It refuses to place itself under the authority of God’s standards because it can’t. Romans 8:7 GWT.

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