Dec 172011

Girl of our dreams we love you so!

It was an exciting day little girl, you were on the way.

We had been deeply wounded a month before, our pain words could not say.

I was there, with your Mom at the place of your Birth.

You were our joy, the gift the Lord sent to earth.

That day, “you have a baby girl” the Nurse did say. Your eyes were open wide, we knew for sure, God,with you did abide.

How fair she is, on her Mother’s arm she did lean, eyes so bright and so green.

At four, she was the girl we did adore.

On a stage, in a play, no fright ever came her way.

To a beautiful woman she did grow. The Lord gave her a wonderful husband, this she did know.

From your word she did not depart, she kept it hidden in her heart.

One day while running a race, trouble she did face, weak and almost faint.

You sent to her a woman, a true Saint. The words of God rang true, in Him, all things I can do.

The Lord put His song in your heart, you know He is with you forever and will not depart.

You and your Brother are united in love, this too from God above.

To you our children He does say: ” I Am your God, I will teach you my way”. And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children(Isaiah 54:13).

Author Ken

December 2011

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