Oct 172012

Clouds are cool, a poem.


Some are brilliantly white, the cream colored ones add to my delight.

Sometimes in them, faces and shapes you see, as you point them out to the kids with glee.

Up into the blue they rise, great mountains in the skies.

Do you realize that God made them for you and me?

Did you know their power comes from the sea?

At times the clouds grow dark, the lightning in them are stark.

The mighty whirlwinds that descend from the storm with force, will take you away, even your horse!

The birds flee when those angry clouds they see.

Who can stand before them at the height of their power?

Those who are caught outside in its fury, in fear wonder, if this is their final hour?

Our daughter always loved the clouds when with us she lived.

In her new home far away, the sky has few to give.

I dedicate his poem to our daughter Kari.


Author Ken

August 2012

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