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A cursed earth but with hope!


What beauty the first man did see, it is not

seen today by you and me.

What happened to it all, it disappeared in

one day, lost in the fall.

God had said; “Let there be light” in this

he did delight!

Tend to my garden the Lord said to Adam

and Eve to do, enjoy the life I gave to you.

Satan said; in no way this will stand,

I will possess their land.

Your will they will not do, they will obey

me and not you.

What you told them I will twist and deceive,

I will overcome the woman Eve.

She will believe the lie I tell, she will

convince Adam as well!

Where is your beautiful garden now, God

has ejected you with a vow.

A curse he has given, no more peaceful living.

Now the bee does sting, there is enmity between

you and everything.

Cain killed his brother, gone was the love for

one another.

It was by Satan, who told the first lie,

and through that, Able did die, when sin came, man had the blame.

Woe is me is all we can say, but God loved his

creation, by the way.

To Adam he did say, Satan through your sin,

had won the day.

I will send my Son; he will plunder your Kingdom,

many souls will be won, by the way!
After my Son’s 1000 year reign on this earth,

a new Planet and Heavens will have its birth.


Note: At this time the earth is still cursed, as the Apostle Paul wrote; “The whole creation groans

waiting for the lifting of this curse” (Paraphrased).

After Adam and Eve sinned, God pronounced a

punishment that is still in effect today. Adam no longer

was the constant Gardner, hard work and sweat was his

to stay. Eve would have increased pain in childbirth

along with her husband having domination over her.

In the Lord’s 1000 year reign, this punishment will be lifted, in Christ men and women will be equal, as it was in the Garden before the fall. Today, God’s will for the believer is marriage should be one made in Heaven as Paul stated in the Book of Ephesians, the husband loving his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave his life for it and the woman honoring and respecting her husband as if he was the Lord Jesus himself! We do not see this in the unbelieving world today and should not expect to as God’s ways are not our ways. The Father is over Christ, Christ is over the man and the man is over the woman. “But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ” 1-Corinthians 11:3 NASB.

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September 2012

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