Sep 142013

A poem for Dad

Mankind, the human race, the earth floating in space.

The *Sun God’s shining face, my soul saved by his grace.

Love is the attribute of God, shown through Jesus his son,

and on this earth he did trod.

To his arms I did flee, he opened my eyes and now I do see.

What a beautiful creation, when the Angels saw it they sang with


What beauty, what wonder I marvel at his bolts of lightning with

it’s awesome thunder.

The rainbow is a sight to behold; the meaning behind it is a story

to be told from the days of old.

He covers the night sky with a blanket of stars the full moon is a delight.

Truly the Heavens declare your glory you are the best Dad this man ever had.

*The Sun reminds me of God, it lights the earth which brings the crops, yet

like God, it cannot be gazed at with our human bodies.


God is our true Father for the whole creation came from him, he is the World’s

Greatest  Dad and I am blessed to be able to call him my Father through faith in


Author Ken

September 2013

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