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Wrestling with God

When our Lord Jesus returns to the earth and begins his 1000 year reign,

there will be those who survived the Great Tribulation still living. They are the

lost, those without faith in Jesus Christ. The curse on the earth will have

been lifted, their life spans extended. The Devil will be out of the picture for the

Millennial period. They will still sin even without Satan’s prodding them as he does today. If one of them dies at 100 years old, it will be said that they were like a child; their death will have come because of sin.

Those who return to the earth with Jesus are the redeemed from the Garden of Eden to the Great Tribulation. The Tribulation Saints are not the Bride of Christ as the Church will have been raptured before the wrath of God is poured out during the Great Tribulation. God’s grace is shown even during the Great Tribulation.  Through his Chosen People who he redeems in one day, Israel becomes the light to the world through the Jewish Evangelists who preach Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. The Saints that come out of the Great Tribulation will be the last to be saved with God’s plan of salvation. The lost that remain alive after the Tribulation will enter the Millennium; they will be witnesses to the perfect government rule of God on the earth. (It will be a stark contrast to Man’s failed rule today!) Jesus will rule the Nations with a “Rod of Iron”, no wars, only submission to His will, those who are disobedient will not receive any rain for their crops.

In Revelation chapter 22, I wrestle with God’s word in order to better understand what is said regarding the “Deeper Things” of God. Peter the Apostle wrote that Paul said some things concerning salvation which were hard to understand, I don’t have a problem there. Revelation 22: 1-2 Is difficult but we know that this Book does use symbols to convey the truth. I think the River of life, clear as crystal represents the Holy Spirit who is pure, coming from God himself! I also believe it is a literal River.  Remember, the word has told us believers that out of our spirits would flow “Rivers Of Living Waters”. This is the Holy Spirit who given as a gift to all who believe. The “Tree Of Life” is a tough one, I also believe this Tree is a literal one as it was in the Garden of Eden. If Adam and Eve in their fallen condition had been partakers of it they would have remained in their fallen state forever? An Angel was positioned to guard against that! But now the Tree is found in the Holy City with its fruit that it bears every month, and the leaves are for the healing of the Nations. This scripture is hard to understand but in verse three it states that the curse on the earth will be lifted. My thoughts about this is that it occurs during Christ’s Reign, the Saints with him do not need any healing as they are exactly like Jesus, perfect and for all eternity! It must apply to the unsaved living during the 1000 years. During that time there will be planting and harvest with the earth yielding an abundance, (No Curse) the Lord Jesus supplying the rain always on time. The Tree is literal as it yields its fruit monthly and its leaves give healing to the Nations. It seems to me that the leaves of this Tree benefits *those who have human bodies that would be subject to sickness and death (Due to sin) and the Lord showing them kindness with healings from the Tree? The word tells us today that God is kind to the evil people even today. He gives them rain for their crops the same as he does for his loved ones in Christ.

Verse 5 tells us that there will not be any night or darkness upon the earth, only light. His Saints will shine like the Stars and reign with Christ forever.

*At the end of the 1000 year Reign of Christ on the earth with its

curse lifted, Satan will be loosed from the pit. He will lead the fallen humans

**that are dwelling on the earth in a final rebellion against Christ and his Saints

who are in the Holy City of God, the New Jerusalem. The Lord destroyes them all

along with Satan, who will be forever punished and tormented. All the humans that are killed will join the rest of the lost at the Great White Throne Judgment which occurs after the Millennium and before the New Heavens and earth are created. God wins!

**What a clear picture of fallen man without Jesus, in total darkness. They witness the perfect rule of God through Christ for a thousand years. They had been enjoying Paradise conditions, peace, abundance of food, perfect weather, no darkness of night, all the creatures friendly, long lifetimes! When Satan is loosed and leads them in rebellion against God we see the great darkness in them, they again follow their

Father Satan to their own destruction.  God has proved the truth of his word. Jesus knew what was in fallen man, darkness so great, dead to God and in need of the Lord to raise them from their spiritual death.

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. John 8:36 NLT.


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October 2012

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