Apr 012013

Why should I deny myself?

What Lord, of wine, women, song and wealth?

I do know that not all things are good for one’s health!

Why can’t I have my pie in the sky? Is it because you said those who practice bad things may die?

Do you really care how much people suffer and have much dismay today?

But I do recall your words on one particular day, it is finished you did say, something miraculous had come the sinners way!

You totally denied yourself to become a man of our kind; you laid aside the power and glory as God the Son which was always thine.

All your righteousness now is mine, a peace that passes all understanding, now I do find.

To deny bad things in your life will give you relief from stress and strife.

Drunkenness is something you can’t afford to be, and it is not the will of our Lord.

Remember not everything is a sin, he will guide you to do right by

*the conscience he gave you within. To deny yourself is to put your own will on the shelf.

Seek to do his will which pleases him and then your abundant life will begin!

*The conscience is the light given to all mankind born into this world of darkness that has existed since the fall of Adam. As the Apostle Paul wrote, even those who have not heard God’s word will be judged by their conscience which will accuse or excuse them.

The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. John 1:9 NLT.

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Easter, March 2013

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