Mar 032013

Who likes ants?

Like spiders, they sneak into your home, there are few places they don’t

roam! That little ant can be a sneaky fellow, its not nice to find him in your Jell-O!

Some people say; “Leave them alone and they will go home” but I say;

“better yet, throw them a bone!”

Give them some special bait, something sweet to eat, they will gobble it up

with their hordes, a scary sight to be seen but with ants it doesn’t pay to wait.

Within the tasty bait is an ingredient that wipes the nest clean, including

the Queen! Hate to have to do that but it’s necessary and not mean.

When you see a lone ant running around, be aware of this little scout,

scurrying all about, be sure, the chances are you will be seeing many more!

The Bible speaks about the ants being wise, they gather their food in the summer and store it for the winter. Who tells them to do this? It is the Lord; he gives instinct to his creatures so the bird knows how to build a nest and the pigeon’s guidance, when they fly home to rest.

The ants are not a strong people, But they prepare their food in the summer; Proverbs 30:25 NASB.

Author Ken

March 2013

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