Nov 292011

As I gaze at your Creation near and far.

The beauty of a Rose and the twinkling of a Star.

How big is God? Where can He be?

He is not very far, He lives in me.

Your image and likeness you did impart,

but sin did come my way from my birth it did start.

Through your mercy and grace I received a new heart.

The vast universe the end of no one can see.

You made everything — your crowning creation was me.

The King of Glory down from Heaven He came.

He became poor for me. Praise His Name!

Who is this King of Glory you will say?

He is Jesus who says, come to Me. I AM the way.

A Pearl of great price was I.

For my purchase He would have to die.

I have been saved with a new life to live.

I owe Him everything, my life to Him I give.

Author Ken

November 2011


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