Jul 282012

My Chiropractor, my brother, my friend, a poem.

He is known as Doctor Mark to Lil and me.

His Christian love is shown by his good works,

performed through thee.

There is no “Cracking” of backs by him, adjustments they are,

restoring health from within.

God and Chiropractors are in one accord, they agree, all healing

Comes from you Lord!

The pressure he frees from nerves restores the function of the area it serves.

Pain is a symptom of something wrong; many ignore it for too long.

To quench the pain with a pill, will not fix the ill,

the real problem will be there still!

Doctor Mark will search it out, and find what it’s all about.

A spine in line will make you feel fine, a spine out of whack,

is always a pain in the back.

Women have curves, men do too, and it’s called scoliosis,

a problem for me and you.

Many suffer pain from low back to neck, over and over again.

They take medicine but their condition remains the same.

I know their sufferings and I care, I have been there.

After the first time I had my spine put back inline,

I also wanted others to feel fine.

For you, I’m not saying a Chiropractor is always the best but he puts the spine in line and lets God do the rest!

Doctor Mark is a ministering vessel, good works to do.

Through his talent, God’s healing power flows to you.


Author Ken

March 2012

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