May 052012

God’s crowning creation, Man, a poem.

Lord, why did you make man?

You have your created angels, this I understand.

But why make man?

You created us to be like you, but you knew what we would do.

You saw our fall, your purpose and will, was done through it all.

A new creation you did see, a peculiar people who love thee.

Out of darkness from a fallen race, you brought Sons’ who will behold your face.

Majesty did decide, in a man, He would abide.

Who is this man that we may see?

It is Jesus; He came for you and me.

God wanted to share your pain and sorrow, give you hope for tomorrow.

To take away your sin, make you clean within.

Man He created to be like Him, fell in sin and shame.

We, who are born from above, love His name.

A glorious day has come; our Heavenly Father has sent His Son.

Now I sing, it is well with my soul, the Son of God has made me whole.

He came to me one day, my sins He washed away.

Jesus said follow me, my glory you will see.

Come to Me and live, the Holy Spirit to you I will give.

I will never leave you. I will never go. I will deliver you from your suffering and woe.


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