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God loves everyone and other false doctrines embraced by today’s modern Churches.

Many of the Preachers and Teachers in today’s Churches state that God loves everyone in the world but scripture says otherwise. On one hand the Bible clearly states that nothing can separate the believer “In Christ” and that includes even himself by using the words things above or things below, nakedness being used as a term for sin, as shown in the Garden of Eden. Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Romans 8:35 NASB-I recommend reading the verses before and after this one. We are kept by the power of God and not our own strength which can fail. Jesus and the Father keep us in their hands and no one can take us out!

What about those in Hell or going there? If God also loved them they would not be in that state, in fact the scriptures declare that God hates the wicked, he is angry with them constantly; this is definitely not an expression of love!

The second falsehood I wish to point out is the teaching that Christians are to forgive everyone for anything all the time. The latest I just read at a web site was that God’s forgiveness based upon repentance is different than the believer’s forgiveness; they are saying that with God there must be repentance for their sin but with the Church we are to forgive without the person being sorry or repentant. Forgive me but would that not over shadow God Almighty who requires repentance for forgiveness? We are to imitate the Lord Jesus who did not overlook repentance and did not forgive the sins of the self-righteous Jews that included the Scribes and Pharisees, even calling them children of the Devil

Paul the Apostle was apparently very angry with Alexander the Coppersmith who did him much harm, Paul did not forgive him and asked the Lord to repay him which I’m sure the Lord did! Paul did not exclude this revenge from the Saints, he told them not to take their own revenge but do as he did, give then into God’s hands to repay. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19 NASB.

In the Book of Revelation the souls of the martyred Saints under the Altar cried out for vengeance upon those who murdered them by asking; “How long Lord”, they had NOT forgiven them! Consider also that believers brought other believers before the Church for disputes or for money owed to them, why didn’t they just say; I must forgive you? And when a believer had a grievance against another believer they were to go “Privately “to them in order for them to repent or correct the problem. If this failed they were to bring a spiritual believer in order help resolve the issue, if this didn’t work the person could be brought before the Church assembly. Paul had written about some being put out of the congregation. With “Blanket” forgiveness there would be no need to do anything but the word refutes that. And consider if our Country was attached what are we to do as Christians? Jesus told Roman believing Soldiers to “Do your duty, don’t take bribes” He did NOT tell them to forgive their enemy and lay down their swords! What would the world be like if God did not take up the sword against the Germans and Japanese with many Christians soldiers laying down their lives so we can live and worship in freedom!

Christians according to God’s word should not take fellow believers to a Civil Court but can take an unbeliever to Court. If the “Blanket” forgiveness for believers were true then no believer could sue anyone or legally settle a dispute because they would have to say I forgive you. If you take this to the extreme, imagine if someone breaks into a believer’s home, wife and children are brutally murdered and the believer is kicked out of his own home and the bad guy lives there. This man is supposed to say; I’m not even going to tell the Police because I love and forgive you! Gee, imagine if that was Paul the Apostle, that would be much worse that what the Coppersmith did to him. The truth that is backed up by scripture and Jesus said to *confront them, and if they repent then you must forgive them. God understands that we are weak in our human frames, we have the treasure of the Holy Spirit in these earthen vessels but his power is given to us for pulling down strongholds and everything that exalts itself above God like Satan and those who belong to him and we are kept by his power also. If you want assurance that God loves you, believe in Jesus of whom the scriptures proclaim from Genesis to Revelation, when you do he will quicken your spirit and soul and you will have the truth because HE will be abiding IN you forever!

*This is only for believers in the Church, the body of Christ, but like the thief on the cross, he was forgiven all his sins, went to Paradise with the Lord but still had to lose his flesh to death for his crime. Christians today can lose their lives for Christ or acts of sin that the Law demands death but in both cases when the body dies the spirit and soul join Jesus in Heaven INSTANTLY! On the cross Jesus paid for ALL our sins, past present and future!

Note: I have written previously about this subject in greater detail, it can be found in my blogs about the subject of forgiveness.

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