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Gehazi, a servant or an enemy?


Not a name like you or me, he was the Prophet’s servant to do his bidding,

was he loyal, are you kidding!

Naaman was a great warrior for his King, for him killing was no big thing.

One day to his surprise, the scourge of leprosy upon his skin did arise.

His fear became great; he sought the Prophet Elisha before death became his fate!

He had been told by his wife’s Israeli servant that he could be healed in her

native land Israel, so it was his desire to there be sent.

After his King he had told of his hope of healing, the King was touched and said “Go”, for Naaman, he had much good feeling.

He was given a letter for the King of Israel to bring, Gold and Silver to pay for everything.

When told to dip seven times in the water, he did hesitate but the Prophet’s servant convinced him this to do, before it was too late.

After the seventh time under, this man became yours Lord, another wonder, delivered from being a man of thunder.

A new heart he had been given, now he only desired righteous living.

He proclaimed that the God of Israel is the one true God who he did adore, sin and evil he now did deplore, false Gods he would serve no more!

One problem he found and asked the Prophet Elisha, when with my King in his Temple, we both are required to bow down.

Go in peace the Prophet said, for he knew Naaman was a new man within, *God saw his heart and knew that this act was no sin.

He offered much Silver and Gold to pay the Prophet for the salvation of his soul.

The Prophet refused any payment but to Gehazi this great wealth was one to be used.

Naaman had left rejoicing in his healing; going on his way, Gehazi waylaid him saying; nothings free, there is a price to pay!

So Naaman gave Gehazi much Silver, Gold and clothes which inside his house he hid but Elisha, God’s Prophet knew what he did.

God punished Gehazi with leprosy a symbol of sin, an outward sign of an evil heart within.

**Naaman’s joy did fall, as he thought; God’s gift was not free after all.

Like Judas as well, Gehazi was one straight from the Gates of Hell.


*God looks at the heart. 1-Samuel 16:7 NASB.



**There are modern day Gehazi’s, they are called the “Tares” they are in the Churches, like Gehazi, they will try to steal your joy of salvation by telling you must earn it by works, a price to pay. New Christians may swallow their false doctrines and be led astray, the Lord Jesus used the term “Woe” as to their fate before God.


Salvation through Jesus Christ produces Good Works, Good works never produce Salvation, if they did you would have a reason to boast!


Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. Ephesians 2:9 NLT.


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April 2013

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  1. Good point! Leprosy represents the sin of fallen mankind, it clings to them and is a death sentence!
    Turning white would separate them from others, God is the only one that can remove it by forgiving their sin. Remember Jesus saying to a sick man “Your sins are forgiven” as the man’s sins caused his illness. He also told a healed man to go and sin no more lest something worse happen to you. I can see that you have studied the scriptures as revealed by your knowledge, keep it up!


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