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A Rose without thorns

In a special garden it did grow, a place few would know.
There in all its beauty the Son of God did sow, at a time when this world knew no woe.
This was the Garden of Eden, of which we have heard, in it walked God’s Son, the living Word.
As the Sun did set, Adam and Eve he met.
The Lord said to them; I have created you both to be with me, I give you this world to rule from sea to sea.
Enjoy your vast home but remember I have made you for my own!
No thorns, no creatures that bite, a perfect world with all that’s right but their enemy was within sight.
Their love for the Lord was put to a simple test, of one tree they cannot eat, the eating of that fruit would bring sure defeat.
*When Satan the Serpent tempted Eve, she, he did deceive.
He said; God is hiding something from you, when you eat the fruit, your eyes will be opened and his secret you will undo. You will know good and evil just like him, which is what he has been hiding from you!
Paradise was lost that day when they both went astray from their Lord, in their sin, they both were in one accord.
God’s warning they did not heed, their nakedness they knew and from the Lord’s presence they did leave.
Fig leaves could not cover what had taken place within, it was a Spiritual death that came from their sin.
God cursed that perfect earth, a fallen Race, physical death, sickness and disease took its place.
When you next pick some Roses, be warned, be careful of the thorn.
When stuck by one, blood will flow, a reminder that it was shed for us from Emanuel’s veins, this is from the Bible we know.

*Thank God that he didn’t let Satan win, he covered the sin of Adam and Eve with blood shed, defeated Satan at the cross and gave the promise of salvation to everyone who believes!

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NLT.

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February 2013

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