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A love story

Through his love the Lord created us out of clay, by the way,

he did it for his own glory; it’s not a simple story.

When Adam was formed something was missing it seems, he

needed someone special, a woman of his dreams. Eve had it all,

she was beautiful; you would never see one like her at the Mall.

She had everything Adam could desire; in her he took great pride,

this was before the fall and they had nothing to hide!

Husbands today have area’s in which they lack but God gave them a

woman to take up the slack.

God gave Adam a perfect woman to love; she was his lover, partner and friend, a marriage made in Heaven that was to have no end.

Despite their fall through sin, their marriage lasted 800 years in all!

That’s awesome and I reckon, sadly, some marriages last only a second

With Adam and Eve, the Lord loved these two, ancestors of me and you.

Remember, only God can give you the love of your life, your own choice can bring much strife!


Many people make decisions every day never knowing if they made the right one. Christians are told in God’s word to pray about all things especially if seeking a Husband or Wife. We are to cast all our care upon Jesus for he cares for us.

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July 2013

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