A shaking of the whole Earth


This blog is my “Off the cuff” thoughts about the Pandemic that is dreaded and feared throughout the whole earth. This is not the first time that the Almighty has shaken the earth, when the evil of mankind became too great for even God to bear, he acted, to reveal to the masses his kindness, he had Noah take hundreds of years to build an Ark that would not only preserve the lives of his righteous Noah, wife’s, son’s, and daughters, but also of the Land’s air breathing creatures. By the way, anything living in the waters of the world was exempt, only sinful men/women, and the creatures that they needed for survival, or interaction with for travel, work.

God had said that in the latter days that once again, due to the sinfulness of mankind, he would shake the earth, Indeed, as Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24, there would be earthquakes in various place, great storms, pestilence, plagues, wars, rumors of wars, Kingdom upon Kingdom, Nations against Nations. We are seeing these things today right before our eyes, WW-1, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, North Korea, twisters, and earthquakes everywhere. I have a testimony to share, my wife, and I were engaged for six months, we decided to have our marriage take place on July 23, 1967. Little did we know that Lil’s Mom & Dad had received an invitation to visit Dad’s cousin who owned a nice cabin in the wilderness, they were getting ready to purchase their Airline Tickets when we sprung the news on them. They changed their plans, thank God, they were to land at Anchorage Airport, Anchorage was hit with, I believe a 9 on the Ricter Scale completely destroyed the City, taking many lives, by the way, I have a photo of me in Anchorage in 2006 for my Helicopter Salmon fishing in Wasilla. My point is this Covid-19 Pandemic is part of the shaking, I remember when people started proclaiming that God was dead, an our human Race began from some little green Alien’s poop. God is back, now we once again hear on the Media, “I’m praying for the people of the word”, and “God bless you”, fear has motivated many to seek God, as they see so many perish, this is good, as only Faith can please God, I’m believing that through the prayers of many he will deliver a repentant world.

God bless all, Ken

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